We develop clean mobility solutions since 1977
We are experts on engines and vehicles running on natural gas
CNG, LNG, bioNGV, hybrids
Vehicles pollutants measurement expert under real traffic conditions (ISC and RDE cycle)
ISC, RDE, EMNR and Tier cycles test

Welcome to CRMT

CRMT | Centre de Recherche en Machines Thermiques

CRMT is an R&D company that designs, develops and markets solutions, systems and engines running on alternative fuels.

With more than 40 years of experience on the analysis and the proposal of cleaner mobility solutions, CRMT contributes to the global energetic transition by providing solutions to today's automotive industry challenges. CRMT brings you customized solutions for:

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Our core expertise

Engines and alternative fuel-cell testing

Studies in engine test bench (energetic and mechanical development)

Fuel-cell and hydrogen vehicle engineering

Diesel - natural gas conversion, powertrain and storage systems and fuel circuit

Pollutant emissions measurement on running vehicles

Normative (RDE, ISC, EMNR) and non-normative tests (R&D, technological benchmark)
Case studies

Discover our latest projects

RES4LIVE: CRMT transforms an agricultural tractor with Biomethane, a first in Europe and in the agricultural world !
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