Retrofitting of diesel engines: Olivier Marchand, CRMT's CTO presentation in a successful webinar.

17 March 2021

If the objective of the New Green Deal is to achieve climate neutrality by 2050, then the most relevant solutions must be explored today to reach these figures. In this sense, on March the 17th , the webinar organized by University Arts & Métiers was held on the subject of diesel engine retrofitting. A real success in the presence of several sustainable mobility key parties !

The aim of this virtual event, which brought together 190 people from the mobility sector, was to inform participants about alternatives to Diesel for vehicles and road machinery.

Olivier Marchand, Technical Director of CRMT, presented CRMT's experience and feedback on Diesel retrofit methods for natural gas, with a few last words on hydrogen retrofit.

The audience of 300 participants remained stable at 62% until the last minute of the event! This clearly shows the importance of this subject and the interest of the participants, who are interested in retrofit solutions.

Rediscover the expertise of CRMT in the transformation of vehicles, as well as the intervention of AFGNV and GRTGAZ by CLICKING HERE

-> Sequence 1: "NGV and BioNGV mobility: development of the sector", Gilles Durand, Secretary General, AFGNV

-> Sequence 2: "Retrofitting of vehicles and diesel engines for NGV and bioNGV fuel," Olivier Marchand, Technical Director, CRMT

-> Sequence 3: "Renewable gases, awareness raising on the transformations of European and French gas infrastructures", Vincent Rousseau, Head of the key accounts division, GRTgaz

Discussed subjects :

Retrofit Environment, economic context and mobility legislation in France & Europe.

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