CRMT proposes 5 test cells interconnected by an electric bus, and offers you many possible test configurations to meet your needs on 4 different themes:

Hydrogen Mobility and Fuel Cells (HFC)

We meet the needs of manufacturers developing their hydrogen technologies by offering the possibility of testing the complete powertrain of a vehicle incorporating a hydrogen fuel cell, or each component independently: Fuel Cell (HFC), Battery Pack, Electric Traction.

Hybrid architectures

The modularity of our test cells offers the possibility of testing hybrid architectures made up of an Internal Combustion Engine powered by Natural Gas, BioGas, Hythane, Hydrogen or Gasoline, as well as each element of the traction chain in a separate way: Internal Combustion Engine (ICE), Battery Pack and Electric Traction.

Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engines

Our test cell, dedicated to hydrogen engines, is a versatile tool from exploratory research to the validation of engines up to 450kW of power.

Internal Combustion Natural Gas Engines (Biogas, and Hythane)

Thanks to our completely modular gas mixer « Gas Customizer », we support you in carrying out your engine tests with variable gas compositions (BioGas or Hythane). Our test cells adapt to your needs for engines with power from 10kW to 450kW.

More information on Gas Customizer

Technical features of our testing facilities

Instrumentation and testing equipment

We are able to implement a variety of testing campaigns with the most suitable technology:

  • Generator
  • Foucault current brakes from 150kW to 600kW
  • >Exhaust gas measurement
  • Particle matter measurement (23nm or 10nm)
  • Fuel flow measurements with Coriolis flow meter (compatible with Hydrogen, Gas and Gasoline)
  • Thermodynamic instrumentation with Kistler sensors and amplifiers

Gas supply of our testing cells

CRMT has high-performance and innovative equipment for testing engines running on gaseous fuels:

  • Various compositions of Biogas, Hythane or Natural Gas from different origins with Gas Customizer
  • Maximum hydrogen flow : 10g/s
  • Natural gas at 200bars

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