Olivier Marchand, CRMT's CTO intervention in the webinar "VALORISATION OF BIOGAS IN BIOGNV"

29 July 2020

The webinar on the theme of upgrading biogas to bioNGV, organized by Tenerrdis, CARA and ADEME, was a real success with more than 600 registrants and a satisfaction rate of 89%. This virtual event was organized as part of the Ambitions Biogaz 2023 charter, which was signed with the aim of developing methanization in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.

Sequence 3 of the webinar: Olivier Marchand, Technical Director of CRMT, presented during this occasion, the challenges of converting agricultural vehicles to bioNGV (tractors, telehandlers). A virtuous action which makes it possible, on the one hand, to provide a solution to users who currently cannot find an alternative to Diesel. On the other hand, the conversion of agricultural vehicles to bioNGV makes it possible to recover biomethane as fuel biogas.

Watch the webinar sequences as you wish by clicking HERE:

Sequence 1: From waste to bioNGV: local energy production

Phase 2: Deploy a bioNGV station in a rural area

Sequence 3: The NGV / BioNGV vehicle, a reality

* Storage issues,

* Pollution and emissions,

* Technical feasibility,

* Adaptation process,

* Tests

* Regulations


And much more...

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