TechDays France HORIBA 2019

09 October 2019

TechDays France 2019

In a warm atmosphere and an atypical scenario suitable for technical exchanges, CRMT had the pleasure of hosting TechDays France HORIBA on October the 3rd.

In total, representatives from 20 different companies from Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Italy and France participated in the HORIBA technical day.

HORIBA, the Japanese manufacturer of PEMS (Portable Emissions Measurement System) hardware and industry leader, is the official PEMS supplier of CRMT. CRMT, R&D company specializing in NGV transport, has an exceptional and confirmed know-how for over 15 years in the implementation of on-board pollutant measurements on all types of vehicles with PEMS and CEMS technology.

The event focused on the successful partnership between these two companies, whose pooling of complementary skills represents a key business synergy in a growing market.

The essentials of TechDays 2019

Does ISO 17 025 concern your business?

Are you up to date on the evolution of the new standards RDE, NRMM, ISC?

Do you know the specificity of different measurement methods and technologies?


Answers to these questions and many more have been at the heart of the TechDays 2019 speeches.

Conference area

After a brief introduction of the event by Edoardo BASSANO, Deputy CEO of the CRMT, industry experts presented various complex and interesting topics:

  • Regulation of RDE, ISC and NRMM
  • Test procedures
  • Presentation of OBS-ONE / Measure CH4 / Altitude
  • Feedback on Light Duty and Heavy Duty vehicles 
  • CRMT - HORIBA offering for RDE and ISC tests
  • ISO 17 025: General requirements for the competence of calibration and testing laboratories

Beyond technical speeches, TechDays 2019 was also:

+ A fun trip in a Renault Traffic equipped with PEMS measuring equipment at the beginning of the afternoon for a demonstration in real operating conditions.

+ Various interactive demonstrations: latest HORIBA equipment, HORIBA measurement simulator in test cell and presentation of CH4 measurement and OBS-ONE altitude, etc.

+ Presentation of the VOLVO laboratory vehicle (PL)

+ Meetings and exchange of information between European professionals of the sector


We invite you to contact us for more information about the event or the mentionned services, products and topics covered.


Sincerely, CRMT team

[email protected]

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