RES4LIVE: CRMT transforms an agricultural tractor to natural biogas

06 January 2021

RES4LIVE is a project that aims to develop fossil fuel-free agriculture. It started in October 2020 after a successful request for funding under the EU's H2020 program.

The agricultural tractor that will be converted from Diesel to natural biogas by our teams of engineers arrived to CRMT on Wednesday January the 6th, 2021 after a long trip from Germany.
Besides the retrofit conversion which will make it possible to valorize biomethane as fuel (biogas), the added value of CRMT in the RES4LIVE project is to provide a solution in a segment of the agricultural vehicle market in which users currently can't find an alternative to Diesel; that of small - medium agricultural tractors. RES4LIVE will allow farmers to optimize their existing diesel vehicles by running them on natural biogas.
We invite you to follow the RES4LIVE project and the transformation of this tractor on the website

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