In one volume, the entrepreneurial autobiography of the former owner of car manufacturers Bugatti and Lotus and current CEO of CRMT

24 July 2019

From 1952, Bugatti no longer builds cars. The brand, controlled by the French State, survives on the stalls. In 1987, after three years of negotiations, the Bugatti Automobili Spa of Campogalliano, Modena, was born. While in Ora (Bolzano) opens the cultural center Ettore Bugatti. In sight, there is the fastest and most beautiful GT ever built. The car debuted on September 14, 1991 in Paris: it is the EB 110 GT. But the shadow of "despicable slander" (the proximity of Artioli with the mafia) extends over the event, which "will loosely destroy forty years of hard work".


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