Work in progress for our future hydrogen test center

21 April 2021

Accounting for successful internal studies and various first steps towards the development of solutions for H2 mobility in partnership with key stakeholders of the sector, we are expanding our services to include engineering activities for hydrogen (H2), synthesis gas and Hythane fuel (mixture of CH4 and H2).

We are modifying our facilities to store 100kg of H2, and to develop an hydrogen-powered test cell in Lyon, France. This development will be used by OEMs seeking to develop their hydrogen solutions, or wishing to test the complete powertrain of a vehicle incorporating an H2 fuel cell, both for exploratory research and validation purposes.

The next step ? Finalizing our hydrogen storage platform and connecting the H2 supply line with the test cell.

Find out more on our ongoing project by clicking here => CRMT is preparing its future hydrogen test center (

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