Bioé project : CRMT at SITEVI to co-present an ethanol-powered high-clearance tractor concept

29 November 2023

CRMT will be present from November 28 to 30 at SITEVI 2023 in Montpellier. This event brings together players and innovations from the viticulture, viniculture, arboriculture and olive-growing sectors.

The event was an opportunity to unveil the Bioé concept, a vineyard tractor co-developed with France Pulvé, Tecnoma and Pipo Moteurs, and on the initiative of Château Montrose for which CRMT was able to contribute its expertise as a technical partner.

Bioé project at SITEVI


An innovative concept for retrofitting a GNR high-clearance tractor to E100

The aim of the project was to propose a viable concept for retrofitting end-of-life agricultural machinery by converting a 6-cylinder GNR engine already on the market to Ethanol (E100).

To achieve this, CRMT brought its global engineering expertise to bear throughout the project:

- Feasibility studies and vehicle audit

- Preparation of the straddle carrier

- Transformation of a BioGNV engine

- Engine testing in our dedicated cell

- Integration of the retrofitted engine and our ECU

For more information on the project, click here: CRMT - Engineering projects for CNG and LNG vehicles and engines

A sustainable alternative to agroecological challenges 

In addition to representing an interesting offer from a decarbonization point of view, with the possibility of reducing emissions from vineyard machinery, the use of harvest residues is anchored in a circular economy logic.

The recovery of winegrowing waste gives a real second life to the residues produced on the estate, thus ensuring energy independence for the operation.

A project presented to the French Minister for Agriculture and Food Sovereignty


Minister Marc Fresneau, visiting SITEVI, had the opportunity to discover the project and discuss with us the viticulture of tomorrow.


Discover this innovative project at SITEVI until November 30, Stand B2 B019.

Let’s talk
E100 trimmer retrofitted by CRMT

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