RES4LIVE : solutions and pathways for fossil-energy-free farming!

02 June 2020

Methanisation units, solar panels, energy efficiency of buildings, bioNGV vehicles, this is RES4LIVE Project in a few words ! A collaborative project involving around twenty partner companies, associations, laboratories and technical centers of 9 different nationalities, focused on providing solutions and pathways for fossil-energy-free farming.

RES4LIVE is about to start after a successful request for funding under the EU's H2020 program.

CRMT will be involved in the conversion and retrofit of low-power diesel agricultural tractors (71 - 130hp) to bioNGV. This action encourages the development of a circular and sustainable economy by enhancing the production of biomethane as a fuel (biogas).

Besides the enriching technical knowledge that will be developed in this context, this project will provide a solution to European farmers in a market where demand is increasing day after day and where solutions are limited.

Please follow the RES4LIVE project through this link to follow its progress, and please contact us if RES4LIVE interests your company or those of your entourage so that the innovations resulting from this collaborative work at an European level can benefit as many as possible.

We also invite you to discover the identity of the partner companies, associations, laboratories and technical centers:

- Agricultural University of Athens

- Leibniz-Institut für Agrartechnik und Bioökonomie e.V. ATB


- University of Bologna (UNIBO)

- Centre for Research & Technology Hellas - CERTH

- GENT University

- Aarhus University


- Solarus

- Terra Energy

- BTS Biogas

- Plegma Labs S.A. 


- EAAP - the European Federation of Animal Science


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Conversion from Diesel to natural gas H2020 how to convert a diesel engine

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