Horizon Europe : The EASVOLEE project to improve air quality

22 February 2023

Improving air quality in cities, slowing down global warming, understanding the impact of organic compounds on our health: these are all issues to which the EASVOLEE (Effects on Air quality of Semi-VOLatile Engine Emissions) project will provide answers! This collaborative project involving 8 partner companies in 6 countries will help to change European laws on climate.

The EASVOLEE project is about to start after a successful application for funding under the EU's Horizon Europe programme. 

CRMT will be involved in measuring the formation of secondary aerosols emitted by the engines of different types of vehicles. These will be carried out under real operating conditions, continuously, for several months with the latest measurement technologies including PEMS. The data collection will improve knowledge of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), semi-volatile compounds (SVOCs), intermediate compounds (IVOCs) and volatile compounds (VOCs) as well as the effects of these emissions on health and air quality.

The results of the project will support future legislation on vehicles and their emissions.

We also invite you to discover the identity of the partner companies, laboratories and technical centres: 

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