Conversion from Diesel to Natural Gas

CRMT is the only French company that offers a complete conversion service for diesel vehicles (buses, boats, special machines ...) and stationary applications (generators) to Natural Gas. All conversion steps are performed in CRMT's engine test benches.

CRMT has more than 20 years of experience in converting different types of vehicles and special machines to NGV (LNG, CNG and Bio-methane).

Conversion of new vehicles

CRMT offers its conversion services of diesel vehicles to natural gas or bio-methane to vehicle and engine manufacturers (all validation tests are performed in CRMT's engine test benches). Conversion is a strategic decision that brings several environmental and economic benefits that will positively impact a company's brand image.

By converting your vehicle, you will be able to:

  • Respond to the evolving needs of your customers (solution to access the LEZ - Low Emission Zones – on european metropolises, energy transition objectifs, etc.)
  • Stay competitive in an evolving market,
  • Diversify your offer and expand your range of vehicles,
  • Reduce your carbon footprint

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Conversion Diesel – Gaz Naturel

Conversion of used vehicles (retrofit)

The retrofit conversion is a solution to a major challenge: find an alternative solution to Diesel mobility. In this context, CRMT offers communities, elected officials and carrier companies a solution to guarantee the access of their vehicles to several European cities that have blocked the access of diesel vehicles (Diesel-end Laws). 

On the other hand, the conversion of vehicles is part of the strategic actions of the national energy transition plan.

The motivations for converting petroleum energy vehicles to natural gas or bio-methane can be varied:

  • Extend the life of your vehicles,
  • Drastically reduce fuel costs and polluting emissions,
  • Respond to the elimination of the tax advantage offered to the GNR (France),
  • Renew your fleet at a lower cost,
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Guarantee the access of your vehicles to the several European metropolises,

Available and coming soon NGV stations in France

LNG, CNG and biogas

BLUESKY conversion

To facilitate the transformation process, CRMT has developed a set of components and systems constituting the BLUESKY conversio. This service is dedicated to the conversion of Diesel engines to Natural Gas and is carried out entirely in CRMT's engine test benches.

The objective of CRMT is to enhance different types of vehicles, going from forklifts to HD vehicles in France as well as in France with the BLUESKY conversion which has been validated and encouraged by the European Commission in the framework of the H2020 project.

CRMT accompanies you throughout the transformation process and trains your technical teams for the installation and maintenance of the new NGV vehicle.

  • Upstream: CRMT assists you in the definition and study of your conversion project (choice of storage system, selection and validation of components, transformation or replacement of the engine ...)


  • During the project : CRMT adapts the BLUESKY components (storage, pollution control) and conversion systems, as well as the provision of tailor-made engineering services for the development of the first GNV prototype.


  • After processing: Get assistance during the commissioning of your vehicle and homologation procedures. CRMT can integrate a post-project evaluation phase of the performance evolution according to your objectives either on the engine test benches or on real-traffic conditions.

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Transformation diesel gaz Transformation diesel gaz
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