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Gas pressure regulator kit

Control system for stabilized gas pressure and better operation of CNG engines.

Delivered in a single kit, assembled and tested by our technicians, the gas pressure regulator kit allows for :

  • Reduction on maintenance costs,
  • Lower consumption,
  • Elimination of misfires, 
  • Improvement of driver’s comfort,
  • Pollutant emissions (CO, NOx, HC) decrease
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Adapting the speed of the fans to the real needs of the engine actually means reducing noise and consumption! OptimACC-Cooling, intelligent system for engine cooling management provides several advantages:

  • Noise reduction up to 12.5 dB,
  • CO2 emissions decrease,
  • Lower consumption up to 4.4%,
  • Improving driving comfort,
  • Reduction over maintenance costs,
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Engine control kit



A complete "all-in-one" engine control system designed to achieve the lowest levels of pollutant emissions of stationary engines (generating sets) running on natural gas.

Why choose GasSet +?

  • All-in-one solution
  • Open platform for engine control (ECU)
  • Excellent depollution management
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Pollutants measurements


Pollutant emissions measurement service

CRMT is an independent R&D center that encourages the analysis of data from vehicles in REAL operating situations (consumption and emission of pollutants) and offers a complete service:

  • Hardware installation: CEMS and/or PEMS technology
  • Data acquisition and analysis 
  • Technological benchmark
  • Expert advice : precise recommendations to reduce consumption, increase performance or review its overall operating strategy.
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Conversion from Diesel to Gas


Bluesky conversion

Bluesky conversion is a complete service of engineering and transformation of engines, vehicles and machines from Diesel to Natural Gas. This service addresses engine and vehicle manufacturers seeking to convert brand new vehicles and/or engines as well as vehicle fleet owners aiming to convert their fleet (retrofit).

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