NoNOx: Retrofit system for NOx elimination

A single retrofit with NoNOx technology eliminates the equivalent of 15 bus emissions for the city of Grenoble! Composed of a catalyst that removes pollutants from the exhaust gases of CNG buses and a monitoring system that guarantees its smooth operation, NoNOx technology eliminates:

  • 32% of NOx,
  • 60% of HC,
  • 100% of CO

This project was developed by the CRMT in partnership with SEMITAN, INNOV'R, Bpifrance and ADEME, which is partly involved in its financing.

CORTEA: light vehicles and RDE cycles

As part of the CORTEA project, CRMT measures unregulated gaseous pollutants emitted during RDE cycles carried out by Diesel, Gasoline and Natural Gas light vehicles.

The targeted pollutants are now excluded from the RDE criteria for certification of vehicles.

The results obtained by CRMT will contribute to the definition of new criteria that will drive the futur standards of the automotive sector.

This project is carried out within the framework of CORTEA projects of ADEME, which partly contributes to its financing.

BusOnline: Measurements in real traffic conditions with CEMS technology

Oxides of nitrogen (NOx) and ammonia (NH3) are two of the three main gases that contribute to the phenomenon of acidification of the environment (air, soil, water, vegetation ...).

As part of the BusOnline project, CRMT continuously measured NOx and NH3 emissions emitted by vehicles in real traffic conditions with its CEMS technology.

BusOnline was produced as part of ADEME's AURATRANS projects, which partly contributed to its financing.

PUF : Ultra Fine Particles emitted by heavy vehicles

PUFs are particles of nanometric size (less than 0.1 μm or 100 nanometers in diameter). They are so small that they behave like gases. As part of the PUF project, CRMT was responsible for the development of a measurement system capable of identifying these ultra-fine particles emitted by heavy vehicles.

This project was carried out within the framework of ADEME's AURATRANS projects, which partly contributed to its financing.