Mogano VI (Moteur Gaz Naturel Euro VI)

The project consisted in developing a high power Euro VI gas engine. This project enabled CRMT to develop a know-how in NOx catalysis of the SCR type (residual CH4 residual exhaust) for engines operating in lean mixture.

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How we do it

MOGAS (Moteur Gaz Naturel stationnaire) : a new gas engine technology for generator sets

The challenge: to manufacture a 1MW gas engine for emerging countries (Africa & Middle East) subject to severe environmental conditions: high ambient heat, altitude and varying gas quality and a faulty or non-existent electricity network.

CRMT was responsible of several key points:

  • Ensure the power and efficiency of the engine under these excessive conditions,
  • Preserve a low carbon footprint,
  • Perform performance demonstrations by engine tests in the onsite measurement means.

MOGAS was selected by the FUI (Fonds Unique Interministériel) for its innovative content and supported by the CAPENERGIES competitiveness cluster, Bpifrance and the Métropole de Lyon, which partly contributed to its subsidy.

How we do it

Bluesky conversion: conversion of heavy-duty diesel engines and vehicles to Natural Gas.

Validated and encouraged by the European Commission, which is partly involved in its financing, the CRMT Bluesky conversion has been specially developed to transform HD diesel vehicles to CNG. It is an immediate mobility solution to the challenges of today's automotive sector: blocking access to the metropolises of diesel vehicles, increasingly stringent standards, and the need for fleet renewal at lower cost.