Mesures de performances environnementales des autocars MAN EURO 6 diesel / HVO et GNV en région PACA


THE CUSTOMER’S PROBLEM Natural gas, Ethanol, HVO, BioNGV? Managing the energy mix for urban mobility is a complex subject. Depending on the type of transport, the vehicle, the route, the on-board load, only one energy among all those available presents the best environmental and economic compromise. How do you know which energy is best for urban transport? is it the same for peri-urban transport? How do you ensure your new vehicles meet the manufacturers' commitments in terms of pollutant emissions?

CRMT’S SOLUTION During 10 weeks, CRMT followed 2 MAN coaches using 2 different fuels in real operating conditions with its CEMS technology. The results made it possible to carry out a very complete comparative study between fuels.

WHAT’S MORE The results of this study carried out by six partners: MAN, TOTAL, GRDF, FNTV PACA, CRMT and ADEME have been published on the Internet, and our experts are available to explain the details to you.

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