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SCANIA: Clean engines and new era


THE CUSTOMER'S PROBLEM Scania France is the only manufacturer to offer Euro VI coaches running on Diesel, CNG and ethanol. Concerned about the real performance of its vehicles, the manufacturer carried out extraordinary comparative tests, coordinated by ADEME and executed by CRMT. The objective was evaluate precisely and by a scientific method, the emissions of these coaches under operating conditions.

CRMT’S SOLUTION The Swedish manufacturer's coach emissions were measured under real conditions and then compared between the three Euro VI engines: GNV, ethanol and diesel. A report which, on several points, validates the excellent performances of gas in comparison with diesel.

WHAT’S MORE "This is the first time that we have done tests with the CRMT, it is very rigorous! What we want now is that every brand can do it ". Gilles Baustrert – SCANIA

At CRMT, we are committed to being as close to our customers as possible and we highly value their feedback which help us improve our services every day.

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Cleaning without polluting, it is indeed possible!


THE CUSTOMER'S PROBLEM If the light and heavy vehicle sector can now find alternatives to diesel, what about the road vehicle sector? The offer in this segment is indeed limited, making it difficult to achieve zero emissions in city centers. A concrete example of this lack are the street sweepers of 4/5 m³, for only Diesel engines were considered.

CRMT'S SOLUTION By transforming the VMotori 4.5L diesel engine currently fitted to the new CleaNGo, the CRMT team was able to market a new 100% natural gas offer. Our teams have integrated this new engine into the vehicle, which has also been adapted to run on natural gas (fuel circuit, filling points, integration of CNG tanks).

WHAT'S MORE CleaNGo is currently in operation in Paris, and CRMT intends to extend its offer throughout the country in order to guarantee low-carbon cleaning for healthier cities. Small series production at the CRMT premises is planned for the coming years.

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CRMT positions itself as an integrator of hydrogen mobility


THE CUSTOMER'S PROBLEM When we talk about zero-emission industrial vehicles, it is important to consider the use cases for their design and production. Battery life, payload and fast recharging time thus become crucial points.

CRMT'S SOLUTION We support our customers (operators or manufacturers) in hydrogen mobility, through global expertise, combining multidisciplinary skills in vehicle engineering, expertise in operational safety, a large network of equipment manufacturers, and a solid knowledge of industrial vehicles at gas. All this in a test and production center for prototypes adaptable to the production of small series of hydrogen vehicles.

We are present throughout the process: choosing the best technology suited to the uses, developing prototypes, carrying out demonstration phases, etc. The last stage of our support is intended for vehicle homologation and after-sales service (components, assistance and training).

Our V-cycle methodology is agile, and designed to facilitate the production of prototype and pre-series vehicles to accelerate the transition to zero-emission vehicles.

WHAT'S MORE CRMT is an independent and passionate French player with solid references, supporting you with turnkey projects to achieve your goals.

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Supra, the first refrigeration unit running on natural gas


THE CUSTOMER'S PROBLEM What’s the best way to adapt a CNG truck equipped with a diesel refrigeration unit to a 100% CNG solution? "It was first and foremost a demand from our customers who were progressively switching to CNG and wanted a complete solution with a gas system compatible with the refrigeration unit" Lionel Pourcheresse, Senior Manager Carrier Transicold Europe.

CRMT’S SOLUTION To meet the customer’s demand, CRMT developed and integrated the cooling unit supply system (new engine running on Natural Gas) with the customized storage system design.

WHAT’S MORE the design of a single filling point and the optimal integration of the gas lines has resulted in a highly efficient solution that is unique on the market.

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CRMT, technical partner of the Bioé concept: retrofitting a vineyard tractor to the E100


CUSTOMER PROBLEM To have a high-clearance tractor that meets today's agro-ecological challenges, while at the same time being part of a circular economy, for its Château Montrose operation.

To meet this demand, Tecnoma, Pipo Moteurs and CRMT retrofitted a disel tractor running on bioethanol.


CRMT SOLUTION As a technical partner, CRMT contributed its expertise in auditing and preparing the straddle tractor for retrofitting from GNR to E100. With the help of Pipo Moteurs, our design office adapted a BioGNV engine to run on ethanol. The engine was then tested in our test cell. During this phase, our teams carried out various experiments to optimize combustion. As for the engine's electronic management, this is provided by our ECU (electronic control unit), the software for which was redesigned with Tecnoma for the integration of this new biofuel in its high-clearance tractor.

CRMT's expertise in biofuels and engine testing enabled CRMT to provide a rapid, tailor-made solution, enhancing the value of engine development for BioGNV.

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800km of autonomy with a gas truck: yes it is possible!


THE CUSTOMER'S PROBLEM How can a vehicle manufacturer offer more autonomy to its customers of the distribution sector from an existing GNV model?

CRMT’S SOLUTION We often hear people say that the problem with NGV trucks is autonomy, especially on CNG trucks. This is no longer a valid reason not to switch to Natural Gas thanks to Renault Trucks and its D-Wide CNG which offers 800km of autonomy to its customers.

CRMT developed this "long range" version alongside the Renault Trucks teams, by offering to add additional CNG tank modules to the D-Wide. The solution is available in 2 different configurations:

  • 1 additional rack made up of 4 tanks for an increase of 200km,
  • 2 additional racks made up of 8 tanks for an increase of 400km.

WHAT’S MORE, An experience in real conditions shows that the actual range of the vehicle can go up to 1000 km thanks to this new configuration !

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CRMT rehabilitates with Trouillet an urban mini-bus TPMR (Transport of People with Reduced Mobility)!


THE CUSTOMER'S PROBLEM Able to accommodate up to 30 passengers, the D-city GNV is characterized by its reduced dimensions, designed to meet the constraints of the city and people with reduced mobility. The question was, how to adapt this CNG city mini-bus to the use of people with reduced mobility in order to facilitate their access to the vehicle?

CRMT’S SOLUTION As an expert in the engineering of natural gas vehicles, CRMT developed a customized solution to Trouillet Group (vehicle manufacturer), for the construction of the project specifications and the integration of the CNG components.

CRMT took up two main challenges:

  • Respect the maximum mass: CRMT oriented the choice towards composite tanks instead of steel ones,
  • Reach 400 km of autonomy: CRMT redesigned an integration of the storage system on the roof of the vehicle (the tanks were originally placed under the vehicle’s floor), and designed an aluminum cradle for the tanks.

WHAT’S MORE, CRMT designed and integrated an aluminum cradle that can accommodate 2 composite tanks for optimized autonomy (2 x 150 L).

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CRMT shows ingenuity by transforming the burner supply of an asphalt truck from propane to CNG.


THE CUSTOMER'S PROBLEM Eliminate the loading complexity of supplying propane fuel to the burner of the thermocontainer.

CRMT'S SOLUTION consists of a CNG supply system and a filling point compatible with all stations (NGV1 and NGV2) which now allows to save precious time during refueling. Indeed, the user of this truck destined for public works can fill up with fuel directly at the NGV service station, without having to dismantle the propane tanks upstream.

The NGV solution is also in adequation with the clean multi-energy concept of Philippe & Fils.

WHAT'S MORE we have designed a support frame for the tanks to reach an equivalent autonomy. The work was also carried out rapidly, which was highly appreciated by the customer, with the flexibility that characterizes our teams (and in the midst of a period of lockdown !;)).

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RES4LIVE: CRMT transforms an agricultural tractor with Biomethane, a first in Europe and in the agricultural world !


THE CUSTOMER’S PROBLEM Renewable Energy Sources for LIVEstock Project (RES4LIVE) is a project that aims to achieve carbon neutrality on tomorrow's zero-emission farms.

CRMT’S SOLUTION The possibility of retrofitting existing diesel agricultural machines to bioNGV is now a real option for the agricultural world thanks to CRMT’s teams, who are working on the transformation of a small-power diesel tractor to BioNGV. To do this, mechanical and electrical modifications will be made on the engine, the fuel storage system will be integrated into the vehicle and the fuel system will be adapted according to R110 regulations before testing the performances of the new vehicle in real operating conditions.

WHAT’S MORE The retrofit of existing agricultural diesel machines is a unique circular economy opportunity for farmers, who wish to make the most of their methane production by using it as a fuel (biogas).

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ECOl'car : NGV rétrofit kit for Iveco Crossway school coaches


THE CUSTOMER’S PROBLEM In France, in 2020, 99.4% of the running coaches have a diesel engine. The establishment of Low Emission Zones (LEZ) is accelerating to improve air quality. As a result, a large number of diesel vehicles are being affected by these limitations. Today, passenger transport companies are looking for solutions to continue their transport activity in LEZs, at a reasonable cost because of the fragile economic context. School coaches drive an average of 20,000 km per year. They are checked every six months and are therefore in very good functional condition after several years of use. They do not need a long range of autonomy (300 km target) and make little or no use of the luggage compartments.

CRMT’S SOLUTION  The vehicle was retrofitted by the replacement of  its Euro V diesel engine by the equivalent brand-new Iveco Bus CNG one  (Euro VI standard). CRMT integrated the new CNG components including a new after-treatment system, and adapted the diesel vehicle's functions for CNG operation. The CNG tanks are installed in part of the luggage compartments, as these last ones are rarely used in school coaches.

WHAT’S MORE  The solution is now available and ready to decarbonize the transport sector at a competitive price. The retrofit operation is realized by CRMT on a 2-week delay.

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