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SEMITAN and CRMT find a solution to noise pollution.


THE CUSTOMER'S PROBLEM Over time, the noise of buses in the city of Nantes had become unbearable. Passengers complained about the noise annoyance caused by the fans responsible for cooling the engines of Mercedes Citaro buses.

CRMT'S SOLUTION CRMT engineers have developed OptimACC-Cooling, an intelligent cooling control system that uses kinetic energy and adapts the operation of the fans to the actual needs of the vehicle. This system has brought a double advantage: noise reduction, but also a significant reduction in consumption!

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« Equilibre » Project


THE CUSTOMER PROBLEMS At this time of energy transition, the possible choices for mobility are varied and the feedback is often insufficient for satisfactory decision-making.

CRMT'S SOLUTION To make it possible to experiment on a fleet of vehicles for a long period of time, CRMT has developed CEMS technology which has been tested and approved by major energy institutions during this project. In a few figures, the Equilibre Project is: 2 years of measurements in real operating conditions, 15 trucks, 4 carriers and more than 1.5 million km traveled. The results of this study made it possible to identify the best fuel for each operating case in the freight transport sector.

WHAT'S MORE CRMT is an independent company which performs its services impartially. CEMS technology is now offered in the CRMT range of pollutant measurement services, to perform technological benchmarks and / or long-term monitoring under real operating conditions.

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How to adapt an industrial tool for educational purposes?


CUSTOMER PROBLEM How to adapt an industrial tool for educational purposes?

CRMT SOLUTION By transforming the BEST simulation tool (HIL bench) into an educational model, CRMT allows students passionate about the automotive sector to understand the operation of an engine, to measure the deviations, or to redefine a strategy ECU to meet the requirements of the latest standards.

WHAT'S MORE The adaptation of the BEST model was carried out in collaboration with EXXO Test, CARA, INSA, Lycée Aragon Picasso and CRMT, who work to transmit practical and theoretical knowledge in a more fun way, via the 3PE platform. .

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GNeCar : CRMT's "petite" dual-fuel hybrid vehicle


THE CUSTOMER'S PROBLEM What happens when manufacturers, students and teachers are part of the same technological network? You create opportunities in a much more dynamic automotive industry! Yet, it is still necessary to identify the right tools and ways to give teaching a meaning in this context.

CRMT'S SOLUTION By making this small dual-fuel hybrid vehicle available, CRMT encourages technological development and stimulates students' creativity with a practical case study.

WHAT'S MORE "GNeCAR" is the name given to the Volpe, when it was made available to the French national education institution. Volpe is a small electric car reminiscent of the Renault Twizy, for which the technical choices are, however, very different: the Volpe has a small electricity generator that runs on CNG (natural gas) or gasoline. The bi-fuel system, as well as the electric drive train were produced by CRMT (2010).

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