Pollutant emissions measurement on running vehicles

Pollutant emissions measurement on running vehicles

The challenges of reducing pollutant emissions and the environmental impact of vehicles and machines are nowadays one of the main national and international concerns. CRMT started to specialize in the field since 2005 and was the first French company to introduce the PEMS (Portable Emissions Measuring System) technology. The demand for expertise in this field has steadily increased since Dieselgate (2015).


Today, CRMT is a nationally recognized expert, working with the biggest truck manufacturers and operators. The company’s expertise has been recognized by the main French energy institutions such as ADEME and IFSTTAR ... 

Service for vehicles and machines under real-driving conditions (RDE, ISC, NRMM, R&D…)

Pollutant emission measurements activity consists of instrumenting a vehicle with PEMS or CEMS equipment and carrying out on-board measurement campaigns under real driving conditions. Each measurement campaign will be carried out on defined routes to collect data (consumption, pollutant emissions) under actual operating conditions for a few days and up to several years depending on the project’s objective.

More than a test, a measurement campaign is a collaborative project between CRMT and each client that aims to provide recommendations and respond to issues raised by customers from the analysis of data collected.


CEMS technology (Continuous Emissions Measurement System)

CEMS technology allows measurement over long periods (several years) without hindering the commercial operation of the vehicle (safe transport of passengers or goods). 

Measured pollutants : NOx, CO2, presence of NH3

CEMS was designed and developed by CRMT for the Projet Equilibre in order to meet the operational needs of the project which were not achieved by PEMS equipment. More information

PEMS (Portable Emissions Measurement System)

PEMS technology (Portable Emissions Measurement System)

PEMS technology allows for high precision measurements for R&D purposes and engine certification cycles  (ISC, RDE, EMNR) for a few days and in real traffic conditions. 

Measured pollutants : CO, HC, NOx, CO2, NO2, particles (PN)

Mesures sur véhicules

Analysis and expertise

Data analysis allows transport operators, elected officials, private laboratories, engine manufacturers, or governments to have reliable and scientific results from vehicles in a REAL operating conditions. These results enhance the decision-making process in terms of :

  • Consumption reduction,
  • Pollutant emissions management and diminution,
  • Review the current operating strategy,
  • Definition of a strategy for setting up new vehicles,
  • Identification of the fuel with the best economic / environmental compromise

The results can also be the subject of a technological benchmark. Discover the results

For any other type of engine performance measures and / or specific developments, please contact us, we will be pleased to develop your projects with you.

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