CRMT has the necessary infrastructure to carry out R&D projects focused on the development of clean technologies. For 20 years, CRMT has chosen to favor projects on natural gas engines, bio-methane and hybrid architectures.

5 engine and organ test benches

CRMT has 5 engine test benches dedicated to engine development, energy and mechanical development. They can accommodate mobile and stationary engines, but also mockups and special machines ranging from 10kW to 500kW of power. CRMT can carry out studies of :

  • Energy and thermal tests,
  • Fatigue heat cylinder head,
  • Gas injectors characterization,
  • Compressor test,
  • Starter test,
  • Pollutant measurements,
  • Cylinder pressure tests,
  • Exhaust energy recovery for diverse applications (starter, air compressor, cooling system),
  • Specialized measurements on engine test bench
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