Natural Gas vehicle design and engineering, hybrids and expertise

Natural Gas vehicle design and engineering, hybrids and expertise

CRMT is a renowned provider of engineering services for CNG vehicles in the French energy and NGV sectors.

The company has significant experience in energy optimization on industrial applications and greenhouse gas emissions and pollutant emissions management.

Today, CRMT benefits from many years of experience in the automotive industry, an important know-how and possesses approved technology that enables the company to work with engine manufacturers seeking to develop their vehicles and engines.

Engineering services on CNG vehicles

Advice on system architecture

  • Selection and integration of R110 compliant components,
  • Prototype design,

Replacement of systems and components 

  • ECU (Engine Control Unit),
  • Systems : electronic and / or mechanical,
  • Components : gas regulators, valves, depollution

Increased autonomy CNG / LNG

  • Integration of CNG or LNG tanks type 1 or 3,
  • Gas lines installation and/or connection from tanks to engine,
  • Refueling points,

Vehicle tunning

  • Mechanical, electronics, depollution
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Hybrid power train

  • Hybridization of Petrol, Diesel or Natural Gas machines and vehicles,
  • Creation of prototype vehicles,
  • Verification of technical choices and sizing,
  • Components testing, batteries and motors on test vehicles
  • Range extender integration on electric vehicles 

Twenty years ago, CRMT developed its first hybrid vehicle, the Equipped with an electric motor associated with a heat engine, the possessed the peculiarity of being able to work either with Gasoline or with Natural Gas!

Hybridation gaz naturel

Cogeneration with Natural Gas and Bio-methane

CRMT has extended its technology’s field of application to the cogeneration industry to meet the current needs of stationary engines, including emissions and pollutant reduction.

  • All-in-one kits with open-platform engine control unit,
  • Supply of natural gas or bio-methane,
  • Ignition management and optimization,
  • Performance optimization,
  • NOx emissions measurement,
  • Aftertreatment of exhaust gases,
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Engine development

CRMT has strong experience over all the stages of the development of a gas engine:

  • Concept definition and design of an engine,
  • Engine control (CRMT’s ECU) development, modification and adaptation
  • Development of specific components
  • Replacement of all engine electronics,
Mesures de polluants sur véhicules

Need specific skills for your project?

CRMT puts at your service its many years of experience in R&D to develop your customized projects in depollution (Euro 0 to Euro VI) and homologation, post-processing systems (catalyst, filters, SCR), engine development, etc. 

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